Ceramic Technology

Ceramic Technology
Ceramic Technology Ceramic Technology

The thick film ceramic technology represents an historical experience in the Microtel group. Since 1980 Microtel develops and manufactures ceramic structures, hybrids and sensors for numerous applications in industrial, medical, railway, space electronics.

In the nineties, thanks to the important partnership with Siegert , historical german company active in the electronic market since 1945, a center of excellence in hybrid technology has been created in Cadolzburg – Germany. There product specifications are defined; prototypes, series, test procedures of thousands of custom modules are made..

At the end of the nineties at Hermsdorf Türingen – Germany, VIA Electronic was founded to design and manufacture LTCC multilayer ceramic structures.

The manufacturing in ceramic technology of the Microtel group can fulfill requests of:

  • Thick film hybrids
  • Through holes metallization on ceramic substrates
  • Ceramic multilayer structures with LTCC technology
  • Hybrids with bonding
  • Shaped ceramics
  • Flip-chip
  • Power thick film systems
  • Pressure sensors