Group History

Storia del Gruppo

The MICROTEL GROUP is an interesting player in the ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES panorama, leader in the design, manufacture and test of electronic modules and complete systems; as well as in the design and manufacture of an own line of pressure sensors equipped with signal condition

The promoting Company, Microtel SpA in Inzago (Milan), was established in 1980 from a group of technicians having several years of experience in the thick film ceramic technologies. Since then development of new activities together with investments and acquisitions allowed Microtel to shape an international Group capable to offer comprehensive solutions in the domain of custom electronic production.

Major events that shaped manufacturing and commercial structure of Microtel Group:

  • 1982 : Microtel start-up in Basiano (Milan)
  • 1989 : pressure sensor
  • 1989 : custom made switching power supplies
  • 1990 : move to new building in Inzago (Milano) with 300 sqm clean room
  • 1995 : opening in Germany: the Company Siegert GmbH of Nürnberg enters the Group
  • 1998 : LTCC technology: foundation of VIA electronics GmbH in Hermsdorf Germany
  • 2000 : electronic design:
  • 2002 : development in sensor activity: CitySensors SA application and commercial presence in Paris
  • 2006 : new manufacturing sites in Inzago (Milan)
  • 2009 : opening to far east markets