Schede Elettroniche

Piezoresitive ceramic pressure sensors are part of Microtel product and service portfolio for more than twenty years; several solutions have been developed and manufactured, addressed to many applications in the industrial, medical, automotive markets.

A customer oriented approach has developed over the years customized solutions, besides the general purpose ones, by combining competences and experiences in the thick film technology with knowledge of elastic and mechanical behavior of the ceramic and advanced know how in the metrological measurements.

Microtel pressure sensors combine mechanic robustness, capacity to withstand aggressive environments, performance reliability and stability; ceramic membrane, that is chemically inert, does not need any separator to most of the fluids to be measured, even the most aggressive.

Long term stability, wide operative temperature and pressure ranges are important factors of the versatility and reliability of ceramic pressure sensors.

Those characteristics, combined with the simplicity to integrate in industrial equipment and process control instruments, allow the ceramic pressure sensors to compete with other technological solutions both in terms of wide applicative spectrum and of optimal price to performances ratio.

Various solutions with amplifying and signal conditioning electronics are available, with voltage or current output, digital or analogic, according to normal standards. Microtel puts at disposal of its customers a consolidated experience in the design and manufacturing of custom electronic boards and thick film hybrids, for tailored solutions.

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