Electronic design

Progettazione  Elettronica
Progettazione  ElettronicaProgettazione  Elettronica Progettazione  ElettronicaProgettazione  Elettronica

The experience made in several applications has shown that sometimes the customer needs to be supported in the electronic design of his product

Microtel has consolidated several experiences in the electronic design and can propose and manage electronic design from the beginning to the end. From the very beginning of the design, all the up to date manufacturing technologies are evaluated, with a specific focus on an electronic design optimized or successive manufacturing.

Project leaders develop and agree with the customer all the requested steps to come to the new product:

  • Specification drafting
  • Hardware, firmware, software design
  • Prototypes
  • Product industrialization and testing strategy
  • Certifications

Main experiences cover industrial applications, measuring instruments, medical equipment, silicon characterization, domotic.