• Control boards for industrial drives
  • Power boards for inverters
  • Differential circuit brakers
  • Boards and Sensors for boilers
  • Proximity switches
  • Pressure sensors for printers


  • Air conditioning sensor
  • ECU and Water Pump ceramic boards
  • Fuel injection modules
  • Air Flow Meter and Lamda Sensor substrates
  • Wireless tyre pressure sensor


  • Boards and complete Systems for Elettroencephalography, Audiometry, Urodynamics
  • Controls and Power Supplies for dentistry
  • Components and Sensors for Dialysis equipment


  • Manufacturing and qualification of optical components for space and military encoders
  • Modules and Boards for space and military application
  • Boards for semiconductor test and qualification


  • Oven control boards
  • Industrial laser equipment control boards
  • Drill motor control
  • Led lamp control


  • Eolic System control boards
  • Concentration solar panels
  • Hydrogen production plant control board
  • Pressure sensor for power plant